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Unlike traditional makeup, scar wax allows you to create highly detailed, three-dimensional scars that look incredibly lifelike. It is a popular choice for makeup artists and enthusiasts who want to achieve a realistic, professional-grade look for their special effects makeup creations.

Scar wax is used to create wounds, injuries and other effects. Can also be used to make witch noses, warts and boils and much more!

Other names for different types of wax used in SFX makeup include:

  • Derma Wax
  • Wound wax
  • FX Wax / Effect Wax
  • Modeling Putty/Wax
  • Synwax
  • Mortician’s wax
  • Soft Putty, Nose Wax or Nose Putty (forming the nose or alteration of characteristic facial forms)
  • Eyebrow Plastic (covering eyebrows)

Scar Wax Benefits

  • Easy to work with
  • Can create almost anything
  • Cheap

Scar Wax Disadvantages

  • Not so durable
  • Scar wax is best suited for places on the skin with little movement, where there are bones underneath the skin.

Tips and tricks for using scar wax

  • When working with some types of wax, it is recommended to have a layer of skin glue on the skin first so that the wax stays better on the skin.
  • Scar wax is easiest to work with on slightly hard places on the face or skin. For example, on the forehead, on the nose, etc. Its not so great for places where there is much movement, such as around the mouth. Then silicone, gelatin or latex is a better alternative.
  • Creations made in wax can be sealed with liquid latex or sealer.
  • Grimas Derma wax is a transparent wax that is recommended. FX Wax from Snazaroo is also good and is a little easier to work with for beginners and to remove.
  • Remember that there are many different types of wax for makeup FX out there and it is not certain that you will like them all. Buy first, preferably in small quantities, to see if you like the quality and working with the wax.
  • Wax is, so to speak, almost never used by professionals on film and TV because wax does not withstand much. Professionals often use prostheses both because they are more durable and because it is easier in terms of the continuity of the film.
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