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Tuplast is a makeup FX product from the well known makeup brand Kryolan that is used to create various effects directly on the skin.

Tuplast can be used to create, among other things

  • Boils
  • Pimples
  • Old scars and wounds
  • Old burns

Tuplast is applied directly from the tube. The material can be shaped for a limited time before it dries. To shape Tuplast, it is recommended to use a spatula. The drying time for tuplast can be shortened somewhat with a hairdryer if desired. After it is dry, the effect is waterproof and you can apply make-up over it.

Removal of Tuplast
Effects made with Tuplast are removed by carefully tearing the effect from the skin. Feel free to use moisturizer on the skin after removing make-up.

Important considerations when using Tuplast
Since Tuplast contains a strong component of acetone, be especially careful when using it near mucous membranes and eyes. Must also be stored away from flames and you cannot smoke near the product.


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