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Liquid Latex

Material used to make many out of the kit effects like scars, wounds, blisters, burns, rotten flesh, old skin and prosthetics and much more!

Effects you can create with liquid latex

  • Wounds
  • Blisterst
  • Burns and scalds
  • Zombieskin/rotten skin
  • Eczema
  • Old skin/wrinkels

You can also sculpt, mold and cast prosthetics, masks, and props in liquid latex in molds.

Safety when using Liquid Latex

Recomended makeup brand that have liquid latex

SPFX.NO: Rotten hand makeup
Start Bray: Halloween Torn Face – Cheap’n’Easy

Freakmo: Liquid Latex Review
Mehron: How to: Mehron Liquid Latex
Freakmo: How to Use Liquid Latex
Freakmo: Scald Makeup using latex

Liquid Latex FAQ

Here are some of the most commenly questions about liquid latex for SFX makeup and makeup effects.

Can liquid school glue or Elmer’s glue be used instead of liquid latex to SFX Makeup?

Even if it says that a type of glue is Non-toxic, it is still not recommended to use it on the skin since some people can get irritated skin from materials that can be in the glue. Liquid Latex is much more flexible, holds better on the skin and is easier to work with than a school glue and is therefore strongly recommended instead.

Do I have to powder liquid latex after it has dried?

It is recommended to powder the latex when it is dry on the skin. This is both to prevent the latex from sticking together and to matt it down a bit so that it is not so glossy and visible. If you do not have transparent powder, baby powder can be used in an emergency.

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