SFX Makeup brands and companies

Special effects (SFX) makeup is an essential part of the film, television, and entertainment industry, used to create fantastical and realistic characters, creatures, and injuries for the screen.

There are many companies that have made a name for themselves in the industry. In this page, we will highlight some of the top brands and companies that have made a significant contribution to the world of SFX makeup. From well-known global brands to up-and-coming companies, we will showcase the best in the business.

NOTE- Some links is outdated and will be updated soon.

Kryolan logo


Professional Make-Up

Offers professional make-up to the industry so you can accomplish your tasks effectively and create incredible works of art. Learn more

Ben Nye logo

Ben Nye

Professional Makeup for Stage, SFX, and Beauty

Ben Nye is a professional makeup brand serving artists, educators, and makeup fans worldwide.

Mehron logo


Makeup made in the USA since 1927

Dedicated to exceeding artists expectations, Mehron works in collaboration with renowned industry professionals to create the highest quality performance makeup for Special FX, Stage & Screen, Face & Body Painting, and Pro-Beauty.

Graftobian logo


Professional Cosmetics for Makeup Artists and Makeup Lovers

Established in 1978, Graftobian is a manufacturer and distributor of virtually every type of make-up. Graftobian takes pride in the fact that they manufacture the products in the United States.

Cinema Secrets

Professional Cosmetics for Makeup Artists and Makeup Enthusiasts Alike

Designed for the entertainment industry, Cinema Secrets have been a backstage essential on the sets of fashion shows, television programmes and films around the world. Made for the bright lights and cameras, this professional makeup brand has stood the test of time with over thirty years of extreme industry-tested experience.

European Body Art

Performance Makup

FX Makeup and makeup supplies. The Transfusion Blood Collection implements a unique and exclusive formulation delivering previously unseen quality, performance and attributes. It meets the demand for a completely waterproof and fast drying blood that doesn’t move, transfer or smudge, yet, provides a long lasting fresh wet look. Artists, makeup studios, actors and makeup enthusiasts can rely on EBA’s Transfusion Blood Line to stay put and look real from start to finish eliminating time consuming touch ups and messy transfers while providing ultra-realistic looks.


The Airbrush Beauty Authority

TEMPTU’s Atomized Airflow Technology transforms makeup into a micro-fine mist that floats onto skin, creating weightless layers of the most even, uniform, thorough coverage.


Makeup to cover tattoos and scars

Makeup for all skin imperfections and skin types. Dermaflage makeup will cover tattoos, scars, acne, discoloration and wrinkles. Will solve the most challenging issues.

Bdellium Tools

Best SFX Brushes and Tools for special effects makeup artistry

Creates makeup tools to offer more choices and better control over application in professional beauty and special effects makeup. Delivers unique and innovative makeup tools to support makeup artistry and creative expression.


Mold Making & Casting Materials

Smooth-On, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of silicone rubbers, polyurethane rubbers and plastics, rigid and flexible urethane foams, epoxies, poly sulfide rubbers, adhesives, coatings, release agents and other material technologies for SFX-makeup artists, prop makers and more.

Tinsley Transfers

Professional 3D transfers

Super realistic temporary tattoos that are applayed with just water. They look real and are long lasting. Great to have in your kit and to create realistic effects on the go when you havea short timeframe.

Dental Distortions

High-end fangs and monster teeth

Fake teeth that look real! Great for creatures, monsters and halloween makeup.


Foam and Latex Adhesives

Latex Prosthetics and foam latex appliances that are great for halloween makeup, haunts and stage use.

Wolfe Face Art & FX

Designed by artists for artists

Wolfe Face Art & FX is a highly regarded make-up design company that is recognized for its innovative products and advanced make-up application techniques. They have face paint in great quality loved by many face painters and makeup artists.

Fxe Faux Studio

Latex appliances

Pre-painted latex prosthetic appliances. Get some adhisive, latex and maybe blood and you are ready to go!

  • Grimas – Learn more
  • PPI (Premiere Products Inc.)
  • Dashbo – Learn more ( Dashbo has great products, but I have been waiting several months for my personal order from Dashbo Makeup and they have managed to provide tracking info for another package that was delivered to another country. They also have a very long response time on email and Facebook. I will remove this information when I have received my package. Products from DASHBO has AMAZING quality and is highly recommended, but I am not impressed by their costumer service, I will remove this information when I have recived my order and what I have paid for). Update 03 May – They will now have the order sent again and will finally respond to inquiries by email 🙂
  • Reel Creations
  • MEL Product
  • W.M Creations
  • Mouldlife
  • DUO
  • Makekup by David Stoneman
  • Make Up For Ever
  • Bluebird FX/AFX Company
  • Neills materials
  • Motion Picture F/X Company
  • Vermillion FX
  • Prosthetic Transfer Material (P.T.M.)
  • RCFX
  • Glynn McKay
  • Lindy SFX

Any brand that you want to add to the list? Please get in touch 🙂

Facebook-group for makeup shop owners
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