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SFX Makeup – Scar Wax – Tips and tricks

Scar wax is often used to create different effects. For those who are not familiar with scar wax, it is a type of wax that is used on the skin to create artificial wounds, injuries, or other effects. Scar wax may have several different names, depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers call it Derma Wax, Nose and Scar wax, Effect wax, Modeling Putty, Modeling wax, Mortician’s wax or simply FX wax.

For those who have not worked with scar wax before, it can be difficult to know how to use it. That is why I have created this page with tips on how you can work with scar wax to achieve good results. These tips are also useful for Halloween makeup.

Scar Wax Tips

? Wound wax can be used to create and shape wounds, injuries, bullet holes, gunshot wounds, cuts, warts, vampire bites, broken bones, and much more!

Check out this video on how to easily apply scar wax:

VIDEO: SPFX.NO – Grimas Makeup – Scar Wax Tutorial

? When shaping a wound with scar wax, it is important not to make the design too high. The wound itself should not protrude too much from the skin. The aim is to create the effect that no scar wax has been used at all to create artificial skin.

? When applying makeup to wounds and injuries, you must try to achieve a smooth transition from real skin to the wax that is not too steep.

? It is recommended to use a spatula when working with scar wax to shape wounds. The spatula should not be sharp to avoid injuring yourself. The Dermavox spatula from Grimas is a standard in the industry. It has a pointed end for details and a slightly larger flat end for scooping wax from the container. Mehron also offers a metal spatula that is recommended.

? If the wax is difficult to cut with the spatula, it is recommended to smear a little Vaseline on the spatula to make it slide through the wax more easily.

? Scar wax works best when creating effects on areas of the face or body that have slightly hard surfaces or where there are bones under the real skin to make it easier to work with the wax.

? It is best to use scar wax in places where there is not much movement in the skin. For example, the area around the mouth can quickly become difficult to work with because the skin around it moves a lot, and the makeup does not hold as well.

? You can color most types of scar wax with a little cream makeup before applying it to the skin, so you spend less time applying skin-colored makeup afterwards.
(See the example video below. Grimas Makeup’s Scar Wax is used there.)

VIDEO: SPFX.NO – Grimas Makeup – How to pigment Scar wax with cream make-up

? When using some types of scar wax, it is recommended to use skin adhesive on the skin before applying the wax.

? You can use a stipple sponge on top of the wax to create a more realistic texture of skin..

? Some types of wax, such as Grimas’s Derma Wax, are transparent and do not need to be covered with makeup. Other types of scar wax may need to be covered with makeup. If you want to go for the easy method, you can apply blood all over the wax, but keep in mind that too much blood can quickly give an artificial result.

? It is recommended to use professional scar/wound wax. Wax from Mehron, Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax, Grimas Derma wax, Grimas Scar Wax, and Snazarroo FX Wax are some types that are highly recommended. Snazaroo FX Wax is recommended for beginners and for use on children to for example halloween makeup.

? When working with some types of scar wax, it is recommended to dip your fingers in water while working. This applies, for example, to Derma wax from Grimas Makeup.

? If you are going to use scar wax in combination with face paint, water make-up or other make-up, the wax should be attached to clean skin first, then you can color over and apply makeup over the wax afterwards.

? You can dip your fingers or the spatula in Vaseline or, for example, Grimas Under Makeup Base to make it easier to smooth out the wax.

? You can seal creations made with scar wax with liquid latex or castor sealer to make them last longer. Note: If Vaseline has been used when working with the wax, the latex may not dry properly due to a chemical reaction.

? You can use wax to create the effect of rotten skin for a zombie makeup. The technique is described in the The Monstrous Make-Up Manual” by Mike Spatola. You can find more information about the book and other books about SFX makeup here: Makeup effects and prosthetics books

? To create more durable effects on the skin, it is recommended to use gelatin, silicone, or liquid latex instead of wax. Prosthetics can also be used.

How to remove scar wax?

  1. If you have used stage blood on the wax, first wipe off as much blood as possible with paper. Afterwards, rinse it off with soap and water.
  2. Scrape off the wax with a wax spatula that is not sharp..
  3. Remains of wax can be removed with make-up remover.

Scar Wax Spatula

It is recommended to use a scar wax spatula when shaping the wax. Spatulas are available in both plastic and metal.

Other facts about Scar Wax

Wax was used in the past to fill in injuries on deceased people so that they looked good for the funeral.

Scar Wax FAQ

What is scar wax?

SFX scar wax is used to create realistic scars, wounds, and skin abnormalities for stage, film, and television. It is made from a pliable wax that can be molded and shaped, and can be easily colored and textured to match surrounding skin.

What is SFX scar wax used for?

Scar wax is a special effects makeup product that is used to create the appearance of scars, wounds, and other skin imperfections for theatrical or cosmetic purposes. It is commonly used in film, television, and stage productions to add realism to character makeup.

How do I use scar wax?

To use SFX scar wax, first clean and dry the area where you want to apply the scar. Then, take a small amount of the wax and roll it into a thin, sausage-like shape. Press it onto the skin, using your fingers to smooth and shape it into the desired scar shape. You can then use makeup or other special effects products, such as fake blood, to add color and texture to the scar.

Is scar wax safe to use on the skin?

SFX scar wax is generally safe when applied and removed properly. Test a small patch of skin before applying it to a larger area and stop use if you experience irritation or discomfort. Consult a medical professional if necessary.

Does SFX scar wax harden when applied to the skin?

SFX scar wax is designed to be pliable and easy to shape and mold, so it should not harden completely over time like regular wax. The exact consistency depends on the product and how it is applied.

Can scar wax be used on any skin type?

SFX scar wax is suitable for all skin types, but those with sensitive skin may need to take extra precautions to avoid irritation. A patch test is recommended for those with sensitive skin before using this product.

How do I store scar wax?

Scar wax should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is also a good idea to keep the wax in its original packaging to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

Can SFX scar wax be used on prosthetics?

SFX scar wax can be used to create scars, wounds, and other imperfections on prosthetics. First, clean and dry the prosthetic, then warm the wax and shape it into the desired shape with your fingers or a makeup spatula. Blend the edges with a makeup sponge or brush to achieve a natural-looking finish.

Recommended types of Scar Wax

Professional Scar Wax. My go to is Ben Nye and Mehron.

Recommended Scar Wax for beginners and for use on kids


Recommended tools, accessories and spatulas

Are you looking for a high-quality wax spatula that can help you create flawless special effects makeup? Look no further than Mehron’s wax spatula!

Learn more about Scar Wax and other types of wax

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