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Makeup Brand – Grimas Makeup

Grimas is a professional makeup brand produced in the Netherlands in accordance with strict European regulations. They manufacture makeup products and accessories for theatrical makeup, stage performances, special effects (SFX) makeup, face paint, visage, and regular makeup.

Grimas Makeup is used by both professionals and private individuals all over the world. The make-up is suitable for theater make-up, film, Halloween, carnival, revues, face painting, cosplay and much more! All of Grimas’ products are gluten-free, perfume-free and are A-satisfied in Denmark.

For SFX makeup and Halloween, Grimas offers two popular types of scar wax in Europe: Derma Wax and Scar Wax. Derma Wax is partially transparent and adheres well to the skin, making it suitable for areas with little movement. Scar Wax is also recommended, but it typically requires skin glue underneath to adhere better.

Other products that Grimas offers for SFX makeup are blood paste, film blood, liquid latex, bald cap, tooth enamel, blood capsules, skin glue, artificial eyes, own palette of cream makeup to make up bruises and a number of different types of prostheses made in latex.

In recent years, Grimas has also started offering glitter tattoos with many different themes for events such as Christmas, Halloween, and spring. They also provide a variety of makeup templates for face painting.

VIDEO – About Grimas Makeup


Grimas Makeup Gallery


Here are some frequently asked questions about Grimas Makeup.

Where can I buy Grimas Makeup?

You can buy Grimas Makeup from many makeup stores that sell stage makeup and SFX Makeup. You can find a list of makeup stores around the world here:

Is Grimas Makeup safe to use on children?

Products from Grimas are safe to use on children. However, not all products for special effects (SFX) makeup are suitable.

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