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Adhesives are used in SFX makeup to fasten and glue on prosthetics, loose hairpieces or other materials and objects too the skin. There are many different types of glue, all of which have different properties, advantages and disadvantages that can be overwhelming for beginners. I have therefore tried to create an overview on this page to help you.

Some of the most popular adhesives used for SFX Makeup and halloween is-
– Mastix (also often refered too as Spirit Gum)
– Silicone Adhisive
– Prosthetic Adhisive (Pros Aide)

The is mainly to groups of adhesives in makeup effects; Water based acrylic emulsion adhesives and Solvent based silicone adhesives. More information about that will come later.

Some types of skin adhesive needs a own remover to remove the adhesive from the skin. Some makeup brands have their own kits that includes both glue and removers, often to a redused price instead of buying them one by one.

Spirit Gum / Mastix

Mastix is ​​a skin glue often used to glue on and fasten prostheses, artificial musctashes, or to glue down the front part of wigs. Another name for Mastix is ​​Spirit Gum.

Spirit Gum / Mastix can be used to fasten
– Wool crepe.
– Fake mustaches and beards etc.
– Front of wigs.
– Prosthetics made in latex.

Recommended brands that have Mastix


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Must have a own remover to be removed (if it’s not watersuble mastix that can be removed with soap and water)
  • May tickle a little bit the skin a little


  • Some brands have mastix that is yellowish in color while others are transparent. The color doesn’t really matter much as the mastix dries mostly transparent.
  • Smart to treat the skin with moisturizer after using mastix
  • Be careful not to get skin glue remover or skin Adhisive in your eyes! Do not use the remover near open flames and preferably have good ventilation.
  • Grimas Teatersminke offers water-based mastic that can be removed with water and is recommended for use on children or in teaching situations to practice techniques. The disadvantage is that it cannot withstand as much sweat and much less moisture.

Pros Aide

Pros Aide is a Adhisive originally designed for use in the medical field and is a strong and durable skin adhesive that can be used to attach all types of prosthetics. If you want your make-up to last as long as possible, this glue is recommended. Pros Aide must be removed with its own remover.

Pros Aide works great for fastening
– Gelatin prosthetics
– Silicone prosthetics and lots more!


  • Pros Aide is a strong and durable skin adhesive.
  • Can be used to attach almost all types of prostheses.


  • Must have own remover to remove it from skin.


Many people think that the more glue you use, the stronger it will be. That is is wrong. Pros Aide should preferably be used as a contact adhesive where you apply a thin layer on the skin and a thin layer on the inside of the prosthesis and wait a little. If there are white thick areas with glue, a too thick layer has been used. The areas where it is applied glue should be clear.

Silicone Adhisive

Adhisives special designed to fasten prosthetics made in silicone. They have a really strong hold but is sometimes a little bit expensive and is often the most costly Adhisive that you can get. But it’s used by many proffesional makeup artists.

The remover can often be used as a thinner as well that you can use to make the adhesive thinner if wanted.

Eyelash Glue/Eyelash Adhisive

Normally used to fasten fake eyelashes for both normal use and special acasions. Eyelash adhesive does often have a base of latex and can therefore be used to create small scars and wounds as a alternative to liquid latex if latex is not available at the moment and you need to think outside the box.

Some recommended brands is DUO, Kryolan or Grimas.

Eyelash adhesive can be used to apply fake eyelashes, small rimstones for fantacy makeups and small prosthetics made in latex.

Adhesive FAQ

If you will glue on prosthetics made in silicone you can actually use silicone as an Adhisive as long as it is made for use on the skin. Learn more and were you can get silicone here: …………….

What Adhesive should I choose for SFX makeup?

Get as much information as possible of each type of adhesive and choose from that. I am currently working on a diagram that will make it easier to find the right adhisive.

What can I use as an Adhesive if I don’t have any at the moment?

If you don’t have any form of adhesive and not even eyelash glue you can use liquid latex as an adhesive. It is not often good tho. NOTE – You can not use liquid latex it to glue on silicone prosthetics.
If you will glue on prosthetics made in silicone you can actually use silicone as an adhesive as long as it is made for use on the skin. Learn more and were you can get silicone here: SILICONE

VIDEO – Chris Alex
VIDEO – Chris Alex
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