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SFX Makeup Youtube Channels

Here is a list of various youtube channels and youtubers who can teach you SFX makeup, mold making, halloween makeup, how to make prosthetics, masks, props, makeup techniques and application of prosthetics and much more!

NOTE! As always, pay attention to what you learn on YouTube. Some people occasionally make wounds with dangerous objects in them such as soda cans, real scissors, real glass etc. This can be dangerous if the actor or model falls. So think about whether there is something that might seem dangerous before you get started. I have watched these channels for a while, several are serious makeup artists who work in the industry and some are self-taught. Use common sense. Also read about the makeup products an extra time before using. Read about how it is to be used, how to remove it. etc.

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SFX Youtube Channels

Cris Alex-




Egg Head FX-



Stuart bray-

PPI Premiere Products-

Ben Nye Makeup-

Brick In The Yard Mold Supply-

Lars Carlsson-

Neill’s Materials-




Battles With Bits of Rubber-


The Engineer Guy-

Mehron Makeup Official-


Stan Winston School-

Graftobian Makeup-

Make Up First- 

Crown Brushes- 

The Makeup Smith- 

Skwawesome – 

ItsGottaBeSarahC –

TheArtGE –

Lazy Minutes –

Scream Queen FX –

The Butcher Shop FX Studio –


T-Rex Talents –

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Check out somerecommended books on SFX Makeup and prosthetics here-

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