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QC Makeup Academy’s Special FX Makeup Course

QC Makeup Academy is an online makeup school providing training that is flexible and affordable.

Special FX Makeup course

The Special FX Makeup course offered by them will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a more competitive FX makeup artist in the industry. You will learn how to expand your makeup abilities and gain the expertise required to work in theatre, television, and film.

With help from celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson, special FX makeup artist Michele Mulkey will walk you through every step of the special FX makeup application process.

In the Special FX Makup course, you will be introduced to various techniques ranging from the fundamentals of bald cap application to the creation of raised scars. You will have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills through a series of hands-on assignments and exercises.

Course Curriculum

Learn special FX makeup techniques in this course featuring instructional videos and lesson texts. Practice applying makeup and receive personalized feedback. Optional business training is also available.

UNIT A: Introduction to Special FX
• Safe and Sanitary Makeup Application
• Identifying Common Skin Disorders
• Bald Cap Application
• Aging Makeup
• Setting Up Your Kit
• Starting Your Own Business

UNIT B: Hair Techniques
• Working with Hair
• Stippling Techniques
• Your Role in the Production Process
• Creating a Character From a Script
• Marketing and Promotion

UNIT C: Special FX Makeup for Trauma
• Understanding Wounds
• Creating a Bruise
• Scrapes, Scratches, and Scars
• Creating Frostbite Effects
• Decomposition Effects
• Burn Types
• Working with Clients

UNIT D: Working with Blood
• Prosthetics and Blood Effects
• Pros-Aide® Transfers
• Combining Techniques
• Special Topics in Business & Career Development

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