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(The school teaches in Norwegian)

Located in the heart of Oslo, Imageakadamiet has been a leader in the education of makeup artists in Norway for 30 years.

Imageakadamiet offers high-quality education and courses for those who want to become professional makeup artists and for those who want to learn makeup for personal use. You will be trained by professional makeup artists who work in the industry on a daily basis.

For those who want to work as a makeup artist, Imageakademiet offers vocational school education for makeup artists for fashion and beauty. These programs can be completed at full-time day school or part-time evening school. In collaboration with Solent Southampton University, Imageakademiet also offers a 3-year bachelor’s degree in makeup and hair design, with one year of study at the Imageakademiet in Oslo and two years at Solent in Southampton, UK.

The road to the professional title is exciting and varied. Imageakademiet place great emphasis on practical tasks and artistic development.

On the school you can learn Beauty Makeup, Style History, Bride Makeup, Styling and Hair Styling and Fashion makeup. In Airbrush you learn make-up for the new HD era and you learn to work with a photographer and process images in the subject IT / photography.

In the subject Special Effects you will learn about the materials, techniques and expressions within SFX. In Body Painting you will learn to paint with the body as a canvas, and in the subject Theater you will learn to create characters and expressions for the stage. In Film / TV II, you will learn to create and further develop characters for screen. In Forensic Medicine you will also learn about human injuries and death for assignments within SFX makeup.


Vocational School Study 1: Makeup Artist
You learn both beautiful makeup and special effect makeup. The study is carried out as a full-time day school over 2 semesters (1 year) at the Imageakademiet in Oslo. Start-up in August.

Through the study, you learn the make-up craft from scratch. You also learn to work with makeup within a creative and artistic framework. The study is practically oriented and there are a number of practical tests, assignments and assignments.

The makeup artist’s program is aimed at those who want a career in make-up for photography, fashion, beauty, film and theater. This is a comprehensive study that gives you a good foundation for starting a career in an exciting industry.

You can work for fashion magazines, various photo assignments, fashion shows, advertising and TV productions, make-up studios, sales and promotion of cosmetics, make-up for the private market, make-up for feature films and theater, as well as special effects makeup for a variety of purposes.

Vocational School Study 2: Make-up artist for fashion & Beauty
You learn beauty makeup. The study is carried out either as a full-time day school over 1 semester (1/2 year) or a part-time evening school over 2 semesters (1 year) at the Imageakademiet in Oslo. Start-up for day school is in August and January, while start-up for evening school is in August.

University study (bachelor): Make-up and Hair Design
You learn both beauty makeup and special effects makeup. The program is completed as a full-time day school over 6 semesters (3 years). First 1 year at the Imageakademiet in Oslo, then 2 years at Solent University in Southampton UK.

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