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Crazy and Halloween Contact Lenses

Crazy lenses – Tips and advice when using lenses for halloween, theatre, short film, cosplay, haunted houses, party or other other occasions. When using crazy lenses, there are several measures and advice that you should take into account. But if you use lenses in a safe and correct way, colored contact lenses and other types of lenses can really add the finishing touch to your costume or character.

Party lenses and other types of lenses can be used if you simply want to change the color of the eyes if, for example, you are going to cosplay a character who is known to have a different eye color than your own. Lenses are also often used if you want to change your entire eye for your halloween costume or a character, whether you want the bloodshot eyes of a zombie, staring vampire eyes or or mysterious eyes of an alien. Lenses are also suitable if you are going to dress up as an old person. There are also in some places lenses that glow under UV light that are suitable for blacklight and NEON parties.

Lenses can be used to create many effects, including for;

  • Change the eye color to suit a specific character or person.
  • The effect of having two different eyes.
  • Eyes of monsters, aliens and other creatures.
  • Create the effect of blindness, bloodshot or damaged eyes.
  • Change eyes if you play a different species, for example animals.
  • For dressing up, halloween, cosplay and NEON and Blacklight/UV light parties.

eyes have a language of their own

Tips and advice when using colored lenses for cosplay, halloween, stage and more.

? You can’t drive a car when wearing crazy lenses as they can slightly disturb your vision.

? Insert lenses and remove lenses with clean hands.

?Do not wash the lenses with tap water.

? Do not sleep with lenses unless they are 24-hour lenses.

?Lenses should preferably be bought from a stage makeup store to be more certain that they are safe to use.

? Its recomemmded talk to your optician for advice before using lenses.

? Crazy lenses cannot be used in combination with eye blood!

? Lenses can usually be used within a period of about 6 months. Read the products for details and recommended information.

? Take the lenses out immediately if you feel it is uncomfortable, sting or itch.

Some danger signals when using party lenses/crazy lenses –

  • Dry or sore eyes
  • Red and sore eyes
  • Tears, watery eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Pain and/or discharge from the eyes
  • Reduced vision

If symptoms persist, you must quickly seek help from an optician, ophthalmologist or doctor.

? Party lenses should not be used by children.

? Do not let others try your lenses and do not try lenses of others.

?If you have not used contact lenses before, it can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to use lenses for the first time. It is best to bring someone with experience in inserting lenses. The most optimal thing would have been to get help from an optician if you have one in your family or circle of friends.

? It can be smart to put in the lenses before you start putting on your make-up or the person you are going to put on so that the make-up is not damaged when you put the lenses in.

? Seek help if you cannot get the lenses out.

?You can find many different types of lenses that suit many different characters and costumes.
Among other things, you can find

  • Cat eyes
  • $/dollar sign
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Smiley face
  • Blurry eyes

Zombies and mummies
– White blurry eyes
– Eyes with blood effect

– Cat-shaped eyes
– Eyes with blood effect

– Sklacra lenses

Colored contact lenses are a fun way to change your look. When you buy contact lenses from reputable manufacturers and retailers, respect the instructions for use and pay close attention to hygiene, you can safely have fun with Halloween lenses and still maintain fresh and healthy eyes.

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