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Alchohol Activated Makeup

Alcohol Activated Makeup can be used to simulate most injuries or illnesses including burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and scabs. Alchohol activated makeup can also be used to color prosthetics, fake body parts, create veins and to simulate fake dirt on the skin. Alchohol activated makeup is highly pigmented, water, sweat and transfer proof, and dries almost instantly.

Pigments must be activated with 99% alcohol (do not use 70% alcohol, water or any other solvent). Spray or dab the solvent onto the color, swirl color for at least 30 seconds, and apply with a brush, sponge or mascara wand. Allow 99% alcohol to soak into the color for several seconds for more opaque application.

To remove, apply 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a tissue and gently press and wipe. For sensitive skin, remove with isopropyl myristate. Repeat if necessary until product is removed.

What can I use Alcohol Activated Makeup for?

  • Creating realistic bruises
  • Covering tattoos
  • Fantacy makeup
  • Dirt makeup
  • Paint prosthetics and props
  • Hand paint fake tattoos
  • Paint 2 dimensional wounds and cuts
  • Color hair
  • Paint on transfer proof blood on the skin

Recommended brands and palettes
SFX Makeup and makeup effects
Palettes designed to create the effect of scars, wounds, blood and bruises on the skin. They are also recommended for painting redness and blood in fake wounds or prosthetics.

Tattoo cover
This palettes are great for when you need to cover tatoos.

Why should I choose alcohol activated makeup?

Alcohol activated makeup has several advantages over other types of makeup, such as its durability, its water resistance, and its ability to create realistic and convincing special effects.

Do I have to use alchol to activate alcohol-activated makeup?

Yes, you must use 99% isopropanol to activate alcohol-activated makeup. Water or other liquids will not work. You can pour some alcohol directly into the palette or vet the make-up brush you use.
Some brands sell their own activators which sometimes have a slightly milder smell than 99% isopropanol.

How to remove alcohol activated make-up?

Alcohol-activated make-up can be removed with 99% isopropanol. Certain types of wet wipes also work.

Can alcohol activated makeup be used near the eyes and nose?

Alcohol-activated make-up is activated with alcohol and it is therefore not recommended to use the make-up near the eyes or right next to the nose. Cream make-up or other make-up products can then be used instead near the nose or the eyes.

Can I use water to activate Alcohol-activated make-up?

No, unfortunately you cannot use water to activate alcohol-activated make-up. Only 99% isopropanol or activator from the make-up brand the palette is from can be used to activate the colours.

Which makeup brands offer alcohol activated makeup?

PPI/Skin illustrator, WRATH Cosmetics, EBA Performance Makeup, Narrative Cosmetics, Graftobian, Allied FX Company, Ripper FX and Kryolan are some makeup brands that offer alcohol activated makeup.

What can I use alcohol-activated make-up for?

There are many areas of use for alcohol-activated make-up. You can use the products to make-up realistic bruises and blood vessels, dirt make-up, color prosthetics and artificial wounds and much more!

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