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Synapse FX

SYNAPSE FX LLC is a full service studio specializing in a large array of special effects.

To each new challenge, we bring over 28 years of experience and tradition of excellence in the entertainment industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies allows us to carefully analyze every possible approach to any given effect. This process results in our ability to isolate and incorporate the most effective solutions available, no matter how simple or exotic the effect may be.

Our competitive pricing and ability to meet demanding deadlines helps us offer the best quality available.

At Synapse FX, We love what we do and simply believe that experience and extraordinary creative vision is what’s really needed to complement your film or project. With a growing crew of talented artists, we offer all the elements you’re looking for. From Basic Makeup to a combination of Special Effects and VFX, we have the one stop shop to meet all your Practical and Visual Effects needs!

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