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SFX Makeup – DIY: How to a make a fake burn with makeup

This post describes how to create a realistic fake burn with SFX makeup. These techniques are great for Halloween makeup, moulage, movies, or short films.

Materials and process: SFX fake burn makeup

A fake burn can be easily created with the following materials:
– blood paste
– charcoal makeup
– some fake blood
– a spatula.

  1. Apply the blood paste to the skin where you want the fake burn to be. Use a spatula to shape the paste and create the desired texture. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  1. Put some charcoal makeup on a cardboard plate or a palette. Mix the charcoal powder with a little water and apply it with a wide flat brush or a sponge by pressing it onto the skin and slightly over the blood paste.
  1. Around the burn, you can use a piece of Kleenex or paper towels with a little bit of water to fade out the charcoal makeup. Let it become more transparent the further away from the burn you get. Feel free to use some water on the paper to help blend the makeup.
Picture above: Fake burn made of Skin Sculpt, Grimas red cream makeup, Ben Nye Grime FX Coal and Rob Smith Blood. Makeup: Sander Skarås Pedersen (SPFX.NO)

Additional tips for SFX fake burn makeup

Instead of blood paste, you can use Sculpt Gel, Kryolan Artex, Narrative Cosmetics Silicone Modeling Compound, or Mehron 3D Gel. Then, you can also carefully remove the wound to reuse it by gluing the burn back onto the skin if you remove it correctly.

If you don’t have charcoal makeup but have some leftover black eyeshadow or cake makeup, you can scrape some product onto a palette and thin it out with water. You can also use black water makeup or face paint.

TIP: You can use black hair spray to create the effect of charred hair. Also, remember to wear a suitable costume. You can also use charcoal makeup to distress the costume and hair.

Video: Burn Application Timelapse. The eye are covered with a tiny piece of plastic glued on with pros-aide before application of Sculpt Gel. Makeup FX Artist: Sander Skarås Pedersen. Model: Erle Hofsli-Aune.

TIP: Only use reference photos of real burns when creating fake burns and other types of scars and wounds with SFX makeup. Do not use pictures of makeup as reference, only for inspiration.

Makeup products to create your own fake burn makeup

3D effect

Ash and charcoal effects

Post, photos and videos by SF makeup artist Sander Skarås Pedersen (SPFX.NO)

If you want to write a post or share your pictures, please get in touch. 🙂

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