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Makeup Artist – Stuart Bray

Stuart Bray has freelanced as a prosthetic and makeup effects artist since 1994, working on many films , TV shows and pop promos both individually as as part of a team. His crew credits include “Saving Private Ryan”, “Gladiator”, The Mummy 1 & 2, “Harry Potter”, “Dr Who”, “Shaun of The Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, “In Bruges” and “Stardust”.

Stuart has extensive knowledge in all the areas involved in makeup effects and prosthetics – including design, lifecasting, sculpting, mould making, casting and application. He is a guest lecturer at many makeup schools and colleges as well as running his own workshops.

This regular contact with both the industry and students has shaped Stuart’s unique approach to teaching by understanding both the latest techniques in creating prosthetics and how to get that across to others in an easy-to-understand way.

Together with Todd Debreceni they have the podcast Battles with Bits of Rubber which is podcast about makeup effects and prosthetics.

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