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Get the Perfect Crying Scene with Tear Stick

Have you ever wondered how actors are able to produce tears on film? The answer is a tear stick! These products can be used for film, theater makeup, photography, TV, and performance.


How to use Tear Stick

Take care to avoid getting the product into your eyes. Do not rub your eyes after applying.

Apply under the eyes before filming or before entering the stage.

To use a tear stick, apply it to the skin about 0.5 inches or 15 millimeters under the eye.

The heat of your skin will cause the wax to release menthol vapors, resulting in the production of natural tears.

For a stronger effect of fake tears, multiple layers can be applied.

How to remove Tear Stick

Simply remove with soap and water or your favorite make-up remover.

Narrative Cosmetics – Tear Stick

Recommended Tear Stick brands

If you want a cheaper alternative, MEHRON Sweat and Tears is a good option. It is a liquid product used to create the effect of tears or sweat. The product is applied under the eyes with a q-tip or small make-up brush to create the effect of tears. Note that the effect will not be as realistic as when using a tear stick.

Tear Stick FAQ

What is a Tear Stick?

A tear stick is a product used by makeup artists and performers to create the illusion of real tears. Tear sticks are often used in film, theater, photography, TV, and other performances to add realism and depth to crying scenes.

How does a tear stick work?

It is applied to the skin under the eye and the natural heat of the skin causes the wax in the tear stick to release menthol vapors, which results in the production of natural tears.

Do professional actors use tear sticks?

Yes, even professional actors use menthol tear sticks. Producing fake tears on command can be challenging for actors, but a tear stick can provide an easy solution to achieve the desired result.

How to remove Tear Stick

Tear stick can be easily removed with soap and water or makeup remover and are generally safe to use if instructions are followed properly.

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