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Stocholm University of the Arts: Make-up and Wig Design – Beachelor

(This program has Swedish as its main language of instruction.)

The Bachelor program in performing arts addresses those who want to educate themselves and work within the professional, contemporary field of performing arts.

One can apply for the following specialisations with the program: costume design, scenography, playwriting and dramaturgy, make-up and wig design, sound design, light design, technical coordination and production for the performing arts, production management for the performing arts and theatre directing,

Working within the performing arts entails many possibilities. Performances can be presented in many different shapes and environments. Artists within the field work within many different genres and in collaborations with other art forms. Our former students work at different performing arts institutions, such as theatres, opera houses, dance venues, event management firms, concert houses, independent artistic companies, and in independent projects, where they have extended the boundaries for where and how performing arts can be presented. A BA-program in the performing arts also gives you the possibility to continue further studies, for instance in an Masters program.

The Bachelor program consists of a combination of common courses for all specialisations, and courses where you will focus on your own specialisation. The education provides many different perspectives, theoretical as well as practical. During the first year, the courses focus on traditions within the performing arts; the second year focuses on the contemporary field of performing arts; and the last year focuses on the future of the performing arts.

In the courses that are common to all specialisations, you will learn about the performing arts as a collaborative art form. You will also be conducting collective artistic projects, training how to create performances with students from other specialisations. Within several courses, an important part of the works consists in understanding your own work in relation to contemporary society and contemporary audiences. As a student you will obtain knowledge about the different functions that are part of a production process.

During the last year of the education you will be doing an internship, and an individual exam work.

The program consists of a combination of common courses for all students in the bachelor’s program and specialization-specific courses where you immerse yourself in your specialization. The education holds many different perspectives, both theoretical and practical. The first year the courses focus on the traditions of the performing arts, the second year on the contemporary performing arts, and the last year on the future of the performing arts.

In the common courses for all students in the program, you learn about the performing arts as a co-creative art form. You also carry out collective design exercises where you practice creating performing arts together with students in other specializations. Several courses include examining one’s own work in relation to contemporaries and audiences. As a student, you get knowledge about different professions that are part of a production work.

The education ends with an internship at a performing arts organization and an independent artistic work.

In the specialization Mask and wig design, you learn the basics and tools to be able to work professionally as a makeup designer and wig maker in collaboration with others in a wide field of performing arts. You get the opportunity to develop your own artistic means of expression, not only practically but also theoretically. In the specialization, you work both practically and immerse yourself in the worm and wig design’s relationship to history and society.

In the specialization, you develop your own creation in mask and wig design for performing arts. The specialization is based on design, craftsmanship, independent idea work and reflection on artistic choices. In the specialization, you will learn to contribute to the visual dramaturgy in performing arts.

The specialization courses include:

  • Idea work and design in makeup and wig design
  • The use of sketch and presentation material
  • The role of makeup and hair design in representation on stage
  • Wigmaking
  • Stage makeup
  • Hairdressing, haircutting
  • Masks and prosthetics
  • During the training, you get the opportunity to develop your knowledge and your own creation to a level that enables you to work professionally in the performing arts.
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