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Rigid Collodion

Create super realistic wounds and scars!

Rigid collodion is used to create the illusion of both old and new scars, scarred tissue and wounds on the skin. It is also known by the nickname scarring liquid.When it is applied to the skin and is drying it will shrink and form fake scars. After the first layer is dry you can repeat the process for better effect and more times after that to get to the desired look. Be careful when removing it from the skin, is it best to use rigid collodion remover or mastix remover if available. 


  • Super easy to use!
  • Great results without a lot of work.
  • Can be used to create the effect of both new and old injuries or scars.


  • Slightly strong smell, have good ventilation.
  • Doesn’t work so well on places with tight skin or on young people some places.
  • Must preferably be removed with collodion remover-


  • The more layers you apply, the better the effect. Allow the layers to dry between each layer.
  • Use a thin make-up brush when creating scars. The brush in the cap on the product is often a little too wide.
  • You can use Collodion to make up new/fresh scars and wounds if you color in the wound with makeup and apply blood.
  • f you are going to make up an old scar, you can apply some red and brown make-up with a thin make-up brush or a make-up pencil before applying the collodion. Cream makeup or alcohol activated makeup can be used.

A great example of rigid collodion in use are the eye scar to the character John Locke in the TV series LOST.

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