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Art Complexion

(The school teaches in Norwegian)

Art Complexion Makeup School was founded in the autumn of 1990, and is the first professional makeup school in Norway.

We aim to provide a basic training in various makeup techniques intended for people who want to make the makeup artist profession a way of life.

The school has a large network both in the beauty industry, TV, film, special effects makeup and theater.

In other words, this is an offer for you who want a career as a professional makeup artist / stylist.

The unity among the students and the school’s teachers is close and positive and the focus is always on bringing out the best in each individual student.

The school was vocational school approved by NOKUT (national body for quality in education) as a one-year makeup school in 2009, and thus also supported by LĂ„nekassen.


Art Complexion is Norway’s leading makeup school, and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have built up a professional overall concept and by investing seriously, have been awarded both respect and recognition by many leading magazines, photographers, TV companies and theaters. We are proud of this, as it is industries and people with long experience and great weight. This is also the reason why we say that we are “The school the industry recommends!”. We encourage you to contact the industry before choosing a school.

We only offer one class with a maximum of 30 students a year, which gives us the opportunity to follow up each individual student. This is very important for us to keep the quality of the study at the top.

What you will learn

Elementary prior knowledge
Skin care
Color theory
Tools and product understanding

Advanced makeup techniques
Makeup for photo
Makeup for Show / Catwalk
Makeup for Show / Fantasy
AirbrushBeautiful makeup for TV / Video
Show makeup for TV / Video
TV technology and speed

Period history
Period makeup
Hair styling – period

Fashion and trends
Hair styling
Fashion Current
Sewing and redesign

Makeup for TV / movie / stage
Grades for TV / theater / film
Special effects and cast
Theater makeup
A little about film / short film / advertising

Vocational theory and customer care

Support subjects
How to take better photos
Nails for photo
Characters for photo
Wig ventilating of a mustache

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